The Gift of Forgiveness (Ode to Isy’s Mom)

Bandaged Heart

“To forgive is human, to forget is divine”
So the ageless quote makes clear

See the problem with forgiveness is not the deed itself
But rather the nagging, lingering fear …

“How can I let them get away with all that they have done to me?”
“Won’t they think it weak of me if
I just ‘let it be’?”

To carry the pain, the guilt, the shame … it’s all just too much to bear –
They tend to seep
so very deep
‘til there’s not much of your heart left to share

So life moves on … except, wait … not for you
For you’ve refused to let go of the pain

And decades later you stand confused
For you’ve forgotten just where to place blame

Might I suggest for you it may be best
To release it … open your gnarled heart and let go

Resod the fertile ground of your heart …
Open wide and let love out loud grow!


Choose to be Blessed!