About the Wendells

No one has ever told me to write a disclaimer but being a student of the world I am sure there will be something I “say” that will offend some and whether you feel it to be intentional or unintentional I ask that you wait a second before judging. If you can’t say “Amen!” then just say “ouch” but by all means say something!   My reference to the word “world” means everybody who inhabits this planet. So while I may not be included in your world, all are included, in fact, welcome, in mine.

I am the son, grandson, nephew and cousin of pastors so you will pardon my religious references … or not.  I can find a degree of humor in almost anything and usually do. Finding humor where there should be none is both a blessing and a curse but most often a blessing. My interests are many and varied so you may find it tough to “pigeonhole” me so don’t waste the time. Oh yeah, and I enjoy being a provocateur of sorts … can ya tell? (smile)

I have also decided to include some of my Dad’s writings. Being a pastor and a counselor he heard a lot, shouldered a lot and kept a lot in; writing was his outlet … the place where he could unload some of his burdens. Sometimes it came in the form of written prayers, poems or commentary. He died in 1993 and left a lot of unfinished journals filled (sometimes only partially) with his thoughts and insights. Before his death I used to dismiss his writing as “chicken scratch” … I couldn’t read it at all! Written with his left-hand … with small, tight, stingy letters. Some handwriting experts would tell you that kind of writing would be exemplary of a selfish man and others may say he was hurried; his mind to busy to get it all down. But I submit these writings came from the heart of the man … a man with the largest heart I will ever know whose thoughts just happened to form faster than his hands could follow.

After his death, miraculously, I could understand his writing … I suppose because I needed to. I found answers to questions long pondered and suave for my wounded soul in his prophetic words. He would always say, “Wait til I write my book!” but he never got the chance. So I thought here would be a safe place to posit some of his writings and share his thoughts with the world as he shared himself.

I know the audience is broad – I hope it remains that way. That being said, I know not everyone believes the same thing and there will even be those who find it hard to believe at all. But it is my desire to use this blog to help us come to our similarities through our differences … leaving us all a little more tolerant and much, much stronger.

These are our lenses … welcome to our world!

P.S. For those of you who need to know a little more … keep readin’.

Wendell F. Phillips is the only child of Dorothy A. and the late Rev. Wendell H. Phillips. He came to NC A&T State University and Greensboro in July of 2007. As the Director of State and Community Relations, his primary responsibility is to help develop and maintain positive relationships between the university and various State and local elected officials as well as community organizations throughout the greater Greensboro area.

Politics, community and service are the consistent threads that have run through the fabric of Wendell’s family. His father, the late Rev. Wendell H. Phillips was not only an ordained Baptist minister and the founding pastor of Heritage United Church of Christ but he also served as a representative in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1979 – 1987. His uncle, the late Rev. Channing E. Phillips was not only a pastor at Lincoln Temple United Church of Christ but he was also the first African-American to be nominated by a major party for President of the United States of America from the floor of the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Wendell’s passion has always been helping anyone and especially “the least of these”. He channeled his passion through a well fueled campaign that won him the same seat in the Maryland House of Delegates. As a member from 1999-2003, Wendell served on the Ways and Means Committee and chaired its Business Tax Credits Workgroup. He was also a member of the Tax & Revenue subcommittee and the Education subcommittee.

Other committees on which Wendell has served are: the Governor’s Task Force to Study Educational Programs for Chronically Disruptive Students, as well as the Task Force for African-American Entrepreneurship. Mr. Phillips also chaired the Legislative Black Caucus’ committees for Judicial Appointments and its Civil Rights committee.

Mr. Phillips was named a 2001-2002 Flemming Fellow by the Center for Policy Alternatives as well as a 2001 Toll Fellow by the Council of State Governments where Wendell was one of forty (40) individuals from across the country designated as an up and coming “young leader of tomorrow” recognized for his outstanding achievement and service to state government. Wendell is also a 2008 graduate of Leadership Greensboro and a member of the Greensboro Partnership’s Governmental Affairs Committee.

He was a member of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators’ Committee on Elementary & Secondary Education and in 2001 the organization released its first white paper, Closing the Achievement Gap: Improving Educational Outcomes for African American Children.

Wendell’s creative tribute to Michael Jackson was published on BET.COM and after the tragic earthquake in Haiti, his article entitled “The Audacity to Adopt” was featured on Blackpressusa.com and as a result carried by various media outlets across the country. He is a co-author of Atonement: The Million Man March and landed a featured extra role as one of the Golden Lords in Robert Townsend’s 1993 motion picture, Meteor Man. With the ability to find humor in just about any situation, Wendell tried his hand at amateur stand-up comedy and hosted Open-Mic nights throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area.

He is a graduate of Baltimore City College High School and Morgan State University (B.A., Political Science). He is married with two lovely daughters.

6 thoughts on “About the Wendells

  1. Hi Mr. Phillips,
    Not really sure why you came across my mind other than I was thinking about high school. That was a long time ago. Lol. I went to Eastern High School at the same time you attended the “castle on the hill”. I remember catching the #22 in the loop with you guys on Liberty Heights to ride across town to go to school. (right next to the gas station). I remember the church and the store your Dad had on Liberty Heights next to Norman Holt floral shop which is no longer there. I was just thinking about a lot of things and it brought a smile to my face. I knew that you would do something political and congratulations on your many accomplishments. Awww, married, daddy to 2 divas, that’s really wonderful. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Looking forward to a book. It is one thing to have an opinion, but when you can throw out such thought provoking comments, questions and statements that you have the ability to grasp such a diverse audience and challenge their thoughts well thats powerful! One must continue to challenge themself and people around us because to me that is when growth happens.

  3. Love you and Lolo on Facebook and was so glad I had the opportunity to see you at Heritage. Thank you for this blog… I too look forward to your book

  4. Greetings Pooh! What a pleasure to have come across your columns! Your dad would surely have loved reading them. Miss him (& Dee!, and you!) in Bmore every day… holler back sometime! With all best wishes, Lou Curran (retired career Bmore City Asst Public Defender)

    • LOU! My man! Our spirits must’ve been talking to one another. I asked mom about you just about 2 weeks ago. I’ve moved her down here to Greensboro, NC and she’s adjusted well. This Dec 6th she will be 85 and she is still driving still getting around on her own without canes or walkers and mental faculties in tact. I think she would LOVE to hear from you. Her email address is (yup she has one and checks it) punkinclarke@gmail.com … I ported her home number to her cell so it’s the same 410-664-8938. My email is wendell.f.phillips@gmail.com and my cell is 443-413-8413. Thanks so much for thinking of us and your kind words of remembrance. Look forward to hearing mom say GUESS WHO SENT ME AN EMAIL?? Be well my friend! Take care and God bless, WFP

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