Open Letter to Michael Jordan


Dear Mike,

I’m sorry but we just don’t have time to listen to you right now. We’ve been a little too busy burying children…some of whom looked up to you … some of whom may have even dreamt of being “like Mike”.

So many young Black boys see so much of themselves in you. I wonder how many more we’ll lose before you begin to see yourself in them. Remember when you were a little Black, impressionable boy, Mike? Remember when you were Tamir Rice’s age? Trayvon Martin’s age? MICHAEL Brown’s age? JORDAN Davis’ age… hell, two of their first names form your whole name. Remember??

I’m trying to get to your soul Michael. Now I am no advocate for the killing anyone of any color but if I am honest, I find your timing a bit troubling. You wait until after a rash of police officer shootings to say something? Yet the epidemic, the apparent “open season” on Black lives at the hands of police officers didn’t warrant your concern?  I’ll admit Michael, I don’t know your entire life story but I don’t think you have ever been a police officer… but I’m pretty sure you’ve been a little Black boy.

I don’t know, Mike … maybe I’m being too harsh. Perhaps I shouldn’t beat you up because at least you’re on record as having said something. But I’ve got to be honest… I’m not there yet. I can’t help but think – in the shadow of the death of Muhammad Ali less than two months ago – that I can’t put your names in the same sentence. See, Mike, the athletes of those days gone by gave their all and they didn’t have half of what you’ve got in the way of resources but they had double what you’ve got in heart and commitment to social justice.

In the remembrance of the late Muhammad Ali,  Curt Flood, Jackie Robinson and so many other unnamed heroes, I need you to speak up more. In honor of the Jim Browns, the John Carlos’ and Tommie Smiths and all those who used their talent and celebrity to further the cause of the least, the lost and the left out, I need you to speak out, more. For the many whose glory  days were spent in a courtroom, jailhouse or battling the residue of racism that beset their collective spirit, for those who knew they wouldn’t get lucrative endorsement deals because they couldn’t remain silent in the face of those who only loved them for their athletic prowess and damned their politics, I need you to show up, differently.

For all these young Black boys who have died in the streets for whatever reason… whether by the hand of those sworn to protect and serve or by another jealous, misguided young child, who wanted his victim’s “Air Jordans” …I need you to show up more, to say more …to do more…  to be MORE …than a brand.

So forgive me if I don’t rush over to kiss one of your championship rings … there’s work to do. I’m not sure if you are seeing he light or feeling the heat … and while I’m glad you finally said something I really can’t hear you right now. I may get there …but not yet.


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  1. Beautifully written!
    I doubt your words can penetrate that man….does he have a heart??? Remember he has $$$ invested against us in the privatized prison system. That says it all for me! BOYCOTT, & ShunMJ!

      • I am so glad to know that there’s people out here who think like I do on most issues these days. Whereas my opinion probably went only as far as my friends on facebook, I feel secure in knowing your letter will reach more people. Thank you!

    • what an idiot, a lack of research on ur part only to further promote an untruth about someone from other idiots who didn’t research…The MICHAEL JORDAN u refer to funding privatized prisons is a middle aged WHITE man with the same name in common as he…Like the old saying goes, put it in a book if u want to hide it from Blacks…Sad but true

      • If it’s not too much trouble Khalil, if that’s really your name. Please share with us the source of said research that you so diligently performed and that we were too lazy and ignorant to perform. We’ll wait!

        P.S.: I’ve never personally cared to know the investment strategies of Michael Jordan. Hopefully, his portfolio is well diversified.

      • Do ur own research just as I did to find out the source of said information. That’s the problem with people nowadays, they want everything done for them and handed to them. Work for it for a change, you’ll appreciate it more…

      • I am not sure what article you are referencing when you made this remark but that is old news. We already know he isn’t funding any “jail houses” however he isn’t supporting low-income communities either. This article was spot on, he needs to do more plain and simple. The fact that it took so long for him to say anything and when he does it is in support of the oppressor is a blatant slap in the face of all little black boys (and let’s face it , they don’t need no help getting slapped). The only thing sad about today is how many people complain about what is going on instead of doing something about it. Let’s not wait for Michael Jordan to start a reading group, let’s start our own and be responsible for our youth because obviously this man has no vested interest in our children, just our money.

      • Why would you take this to that level. Why the name calling . The racial profiling. That idiotic statement about black people not reading. You and no other person can’t know everything. Your that hateful idiot ‼ May God have mercy on your soul. If you have one,‼

      • Thank you for that clarification. I think we should be more concerned about what we are doing as individuals to promote and uplift ourselves and community rather than trying to bring somebody else down because they don’t do what we want them to. Everyone has their part to do in the way that they see fit and at the time they decide to do it. I’m doing what I can. Much love to MJ, and thanks for what you do do.

      • Fuck you bitch. Are you saying black people cant read?? Kiss my black ass, I’m very well educated thank you very much. Just because someone made a mistake doesn’t mean they can’t read but it sure shows your fucking arrogance and lack of education. Or should I say that you are an over educated idiot. Ass hole lay off of us

    • Wrong, micheal jordan, the Micheal Jordan who invest in private prisons is a white guy from Oregon. Do some fact checking before you continue to spread bs rumors.. smh..

      • The white guy did it for Michael I. He was only fronting for Michael I’m sure that’s what happen .

    • He has never invested in the private prison industry. The Michael Jordan that you’re talking about is white.

      ANOTHER MYTH DEBUNKED: this is the Michael Jordan who was a prison director in…
      Google › plus › posts

      • Michael Jordan really need to speak up if lies are spreading about his investments. And as a people we still have racism to deal with. Throughout history great afrikan americans always knew that their responsibility and obligations was to our people not Massa! Like the late great Thurgood Marshall put it, you’re either a social engineer or a social parasite. Now choose.

      • The article you are referring to does not say the white Michael Jordan had invested in prisons, only that he was involved in a scandal that led to his resignation. I couldn’t find any investment information to support this claim either. I looked at the Michael Jordan’s investments, and according to Forbes he does not have investments in private prisons. However, I found information that indirectly links the Michael Jordan to the use of prison inmates to produce Nike foot ware: I my opinion, Michael Jordan should answer the question concerning this issue to put it to rest.

    • This what I tell my family my grandson wears nothing Nike especially not Jordan’s I pray and cover my five boy’s and three grandsons that they never make Jordan money by going to prison in the name of the Father he will not get mine

    • You mean Governor Michael Jordon, from Oregon? The white man. Your have your MJs mixed up. Lol. Do some research before you post ridiculous claimes.

      • There is no Gov. Michael Jordan of Oregon. It really wouldn’t have taken you very long to do YOUR research either. But I agree with the writer of this article. I have trouble with the language MJ used in his press release. He talks about blacks dying, then cowardly cop killers. Blacks didn’t just die, they were murdered…at the hands of cops! Then give a million dollars to the NAACP, who probably just paid themselves with it, and to some Police fund, who still refuse to admit that they have a problem with murdering unarmed people. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that MJ decided that he couldn’t let history show that today’s athletes are speaking and acting on social issues while he did NOTHING…but that’s what I believe. Some serious self serving going on there.

      • Bluntly. I beg to differ. When you over feed a human being, an animal, even a baby, they get stuffed! Ready tp Bust! Then they “commence to push the extra, extra Away! Dont be so Naive.

    • There’s a white man in Oregon by the name of Michael Jordan who is the actual guy your referring to. You can Google the article, it’s been in circulation for a while.

    • Just to clarify…Michael Jordan”the bball player” is not the same Michael Jordan who is invested in the prison system…that Michael Jordan is a white man!!!

    • Wrong. Do your research. I agree Michael Jordan had much more to do about being a vocal social justice advocate but that “Michael Jordan” is not him. It is a white guy who has money of the same name. Let’s not pass on incorrect info without vetting that said info.

    • You are so ignorant! That was not Michael Jordan the basketball player investing in prisons and also about the article, how can you blame him for senseless killings for someone’s shoes…there are hundreds of athletes with shoes that others want…the people that killed for the shoes need to be held responsible, not the name on the shoes…if that’s the case we need to blame all brand bame products and their makers… just ignorant!

    • Fyi its a white mj that invested money in prisons not this one. Lets be mad at him for the right reasons plz while we do our research. Thks

    • This Michael Jordan didn’t in privatized prison’s, that Michael Jordan is white. You forgot to mention Karem Adul jabbar , Bill Russell and some other unmentioned brothers

  2. What a beautiful letter …thank you for speaking out Wendell…my hat goes off to you but just know that sometimes a heart may remain closed to the plight of his fellow man or his peers alike as long as the soul reaps the benefits of their suffering … But I also must say that anyone can change they just need the right motivation …I hope your heartfelt letter somehow reaches his heart and his spirit and motivates him to react in a positive manner….

    Thank you,

  3. Great letter Sir,
    Calling one another on the carpet to provide constructive criticism is a key component of truly being our brothers keeper. It is also vital that we be receptive and a welcoming beneficiary of such a critique. Thanks brother!

  4. People were dying for sneakers long before the Air Jordan sneakers came out. In fact he has no obligation to stand up for what mankind has done to mankind. What can he do about a man killing a man when each man is his own free moral agent. Plus what can you do, you are an armchair warrior yourself with no response to the current situation other than to walk with placards and stand in front of vehicles.Did you run up the courts with this man for his rings and did you agitate your knees to create his wealth. We are our worst enemy because we think a man’s life must be of service to you. Michael Jordan is supposed to be what to Black People. Go fix your families, fix your communities and wash out your minds where it says to you that a man must ignore his well-being to serve others. The man is employing people already and every man must stand on his feet. Did he force you to buy his brand, Is he your child, did he kill our children, our sons and our daughters. He is only one man and maybe you think he should do more, when he is doing what he feels. He is not obligated and he is using free will. I hope you post this. We all need to man up,

    • It seems everyone is using this as an opportunity to bash Micheal Jordan, but no one is doing the research and pointing out all the charitable things he’s done in his career. He’s been sending black kids to college since the 90’s, he hires more black executives in his companies than most black entrepreneurs, he donated his 8 million dollar settlement to 23 charities throughout the Chicago area, and because he’s not wearing a shirt, marching, or giving a long speech he’s scum? You people really need to wake up!!

    • I hear what you are saying. But, that is the mentality that is keeping us stagnant as a people. That every man for himself style of living just isn’t working. We need each other. It’s important that black people in the position of power (persuasion) speak out against injustice. They have a much louder voice than you and I. So, thank you Wendell for this great letter. And thank you Gareth for your input. See, we need both of you. We all need each other. Peace.

  5. Nice work! You’re a leader! Don’t worry about the detractors . The ignorance in ignoring your entire message is telling to say the least.

    • As a former licensed investment broker (Series 6 and 63), the likelihood of anyone having access or the ability to research the private investments of any individual isn’t even really worth debating. The chances that a broker or an investment firm would release such information publicly are 0. In the event that either would, it would be in direct violation of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act., and pretty much a death sentence if done so without the written consent of the private investor. So stop with the research and the debunking of a rumor or myth due to some nonexistent research. Go troll somewhere else.

  6. Lets not just field Mike all by himself because there are plenty of black athletes with voices that has not stepped up

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  8. The writer of this story has a right to voice his educated opinion on Micheal Jordan. Many people in the black community feels the same way he does. Why has it taken this long for MJ to speak out against police abuse?

    Even if he is rich, MJ should have a social awareness of what’s taking place to other black men & women in the black community. He is black and have family that are black. He’s such a sell- out. All he cares about is making money and not rocking the boat, so he does not lose any money. Self- hating black man that is so out of touch. Horrible!

  9. I agree with Rick …you guys are missing the true message …it’s not about his brand , his rings , the greatness that he has accomplished , or his sneakers…open your hearts and read the letter without biases …he is simply saying that being the phenomenal matriarch he is can and will impact an otherwise broken nation …sure he is “not” saying that Mike alone is responsible for its repair ..No..he is only saying that the great leaders of our time can exact a positive change with their vocal modality alone…come on this is not the time to attack the people that are calling for a positive change and asking more of the people that can help propel that change…forget all the negativity and stand up for a more positive change for every race… It’s just that the African American race is more at risk …One of the biggest problems is that most people don’t care unless it affects them directly but if you think deeply every wrongful death inadvertently affects us all …


  10. I don’t understand is that THIS RIGHT HERE is one of the biggest problems in the black community. Constantly tearing each other down & not supporting each other. In less than 24 hours I’ve seen probably 50posts, articles, & interviews of people who are “not happy” with how Jordan decided to support the movement. First off, who are you to tell anyone how to spend their money or how to support? This kind of behavior is truly what damages and has danger our community. Stop hating and come together smh

    Jordan has given his money for years. To numerous organizations and groups that support the black community and children. This talk of him not doing anything is only present in black social media and it’s fueled by ignorance. Jordan has always been a private person. Plus, he’s not of the social media era, so his moves aren’t blasted especially if he doesn’t want it to be. STOP hating on each other.
    “When they go low you go high”

  11. I so agree with Lisa it is sad to see black people tear other black people down. To criticize him for what he did is wrong. You have no right to criticize Jordan because first you don’t know him, don’t live with him and is not in his family. He given back but wasn’t boasting about it . We should be celebrating him. Look at what prince did for the African American community without boasting about it. Stop hating and start supporting.

  12. Wendell, Michael only needed to do one thing which he over succeeded at and that was to Motivate and Inspire his people and show that you can be anything in a place where they said we would be nothing! How many kids have grown and taken care of their families because of what they’ve seen Michael do. Everyone isn’t Martin or Malcolm or Louis and so on to where we need to hear them speak. Michael leads by example and his example, set by his history, has done more for people than you could ever do in a life time sir. So what if kids flock to buy his shoes, they have to buy someones shoes don’t they? You nor this article will get to Michael’s soul one bit because he already stands for something, maybe not what you want him to stand for in the way that you want him too but you’d never be able to erase the fact that he does and for you to claim this article is to get Michael’s attention and provoke him to say more?? I guess he has all the reason in the world to please you, of whom does not represent the people but yourself and the few who agree with you. Pictures speak a thousand words and that picture you used of him says it all, That we are at a place, in time, to do everything they said we couldn’t do! Instead of supporting that, you sir want more and in that, Jordan isn’t selfish for his lack of visual presence, timing and vocal authority in representing a community of strong minded individuals, you’re selfish for pointing fingers and dictating another grown mans life. You have no idea what GOD has called this man to do so just stick to your calling and let this man continue to bless in the way God uses him. Not for your benefit nor to your satisfaction and definitely without your misjudgment. May God Bless you in a way that you see the positive in everything that has been done and seek not in another human what God has called him not to do.

  13. It sadden me to see people still trying to take up for Mike because he is black when your black but you don’t defend the black people and have the audacity to straddle the fence giving to the Naacp and to a community police organization what are u really giving, his move his giving was forced not willing but social he had to say something yet said nothing he stayed neutral his concern was his sale and how Melo put pressure on all the athletes Mike hasn’t been given in silence or out in the open to his own people he to busy building restaurant and worrying about tennis shoes sales, his game inspired many but his words and action inspire none he didn’t even give a speech seeing how many kids get hurt killed over his shoes no its not his fault but it’s his brand at least speak,we so use to defending we don’t know who to defend Mike doesn’t need defending he need to have a self awakening the money he gave who is going to see it here, he could have kept it it didn’t go to a recognized organization in the real hood the real community were it would benefit people of color like him and me like black Lives matter no he won’t do this because this week put him on a side doing this, no he would rather remain neutral and keep some of us fooled but not all Mike if you wasn’t going to say nothing when you spoke you could have remain silent

  14. Not sure I’m On board with the negative/hating tone of this letter. Michael Jordan is an athlete and entertainer that doesn’t owe “YOU” anything. He doesn’t devote his life to philanthropy nor is he a devout Christian. I don’t understand why we hold people to righteous, upright, holy standards bc of their income or wealth. Michael Jordan decided to do something when he was moved to in his way as a means to BUILD and SUPPORT the recent atrocities against HUMANITY that we’ve all been affected by. In every situation you can buil (love) or destroy (hate) . I think it’s clear what Jordan is doing….His actions are speaking and let me just say probably a little louder than this cowardly “open letter”. Like $2,000,000 louder! You may not like his timing or his method, but he did something out of Love and that’s commendable. What is this letter doing…???

  15. I this is an excellently written letter. I agree with it completely…young Aftican Boys and men have helped propel Micheal Jordan to billionaire status. Theyu camp out to be the first in line to purchase the $200 Jordan shoe…I don’t see any police in these lines! Jordan could do a world of good simply by publicly uttering 3 simple “Black Lives Matter”!

  16. I would have preferred he say nothing! Riding the fence is just not an option we can afford during these times. I ashamed of Jordans statement as well as his views on the issue. I sincerely hopes he reads these comments. So Mr. Jordan, you either stand up or sit down, be a part of the solution or continue contributing to the problem. You can be sure that if you were wearing a hoodie in the dark in a strange neighborhood all they are going to see is a black thug, you won’t be able to mutter the words who you are and even then they might not care. You may not have a clear mind if who you are truly, but the world will never let you forget.

  17. The fact of the matter IS:
    It hasn’t changed much at all since MLK, Ali, Jim Brown, Malcolm X & countless others have “spoken out”. We are still being murdered & they’re still getting away with it. Talk & opinions are cheap & will never change what is going on here.
    Singling Jordan out is useless. His shortcomings in your opinion are listed but none of the things he has done were listed. How can we honestly expect the USA to drastically CHANGE to favor us because an athlete/businessman speaks out about something that’s been going on for over 400 years. To hell with blaming successful black people for this broken system.

    Pen an open letter to the Bilderberg group/Rockerfeller family/rich elite etc who owns the central banks & runs all of the governments.
    That’s where the problem starts & ends. We needed Jordan to be an example of success on a certain level.

    And we also will needed an example of someone going to the next level above just speaking out on issues, protesting & marching.

  18. This notion that some people have that wealthy and famous people have to invest in others less fortunate is out of touch with reality. As I business owner I’m self made, no handouts and busted my behind to get where I’m at. I’m sick of the excuses, I wasn’t born here and yet I’m in a far better financial status than some born here. So spare me the I’m a victim of the man speech and the cops are out to get blacks speech. That’s just a lame excuse for what it truly is pure laziness.

    • Might you be enlightend. You dont study Willie Lynch. And you dont know the personal that I know when it come to foreign.” I cant tell ya. But only if ya feels it, you would not ever make that MISTAKE. Again! Now Pray.

  19. “I’m not sure if you are seeing he light or feeling the heat … and while I’m glad you finally said something I really can’t hear you right now. I may get there …but not yet.”

    You left out the ‘T’ in the, other than that great article!

  20. I am no Michael Jordan apologist and I too believe that he has been quiet far too long. What I am is a Certified Behavioral Health Specialist working a great deal with folks suffering from trauma. And as such I share with you that Jordan was a young black man and now an older black man who lost his father to a violent death by the hands of youth of color.

    I witnessed my grandmother no more than 10 minutes after learning that her eldest son had been murdered by a man of color, forgive that man in her prayer. At 15 years of age I did not get that, and it took me a while before I was able to understand the grace demonstrated by my grandmother.

    So I ask, do any of us know the trauma that this brother may be still trapped by? And do we believe because he is rich that he’s not trapped by that dreaded day when he learned of his father’s death?

    • Hello. I was first traumatized by birthing sick child. My Mom and I were Astranged, trauma unrecognized.

      Second trauma. Police BRUtality. I lived. No justice.

      Third trauma. Psychiatric System took my life. No justice.

      7th trauma. Husband Imprisoned

      4th trauma. Children were Sexually Asaulted.No justice

      5th trauma. Im a black woman.

      6th trauma. Abused by Traffic COURTS. Deathly Afraid of Police.

      I broke my leg. I am slow walking and have daily Pain.

      But I beleive:

      Bluntly. I beg to differ. When you over feed a human being, an animal, even a baby, they get stuffed! Ready tp Bust! Then they “commence to push the extra, extra Away! Dont be so Naive. Michael Jordan did a good thing . Maybe Police Departments, and Systems need donations. That may stop them from victimizing Black People.

  21. Keep feeding a generation of kids they are victims and need to fear the cops and see how that works out. How about teaching respect for officers and teach them to work with the law instead of against it. It’s sad that this myth is spread that black kids need to fear the cops. News flash the Micheal Browns of the world have themselves to blame. You can’t punch a cop and try to take his gun. He isn’t a victim he is a kid who made a bad choice. Teach that not reverse racism

  22. #1. Who says he wants to have his name said in the same sentence as Ali?
    #2. Not everyone wants to spend their life championing a cause.
    #3. Far more blacks are killing blacks every day than cops could even come close to doing, so maybe that’s what the athletes and other wealthy, powerful black role models should be speaking out against.

    • Matt, Great points! I only suggest to you that there is a very distinctive differece between black on black crime and social injustices. Your opinion is however respected.

    • Everyone needs to pitch in. Most Police killings happen in traffic. Black on Black is in traffic, in standing, bullets ricketing in homes. Etc.

      We need to protest! Everyone! We need safety! BLM blocks highways! Applaud them! Those of you who do nothing because you feel trapped! Stop Shopping! Stop pointing your finger! All that money you save donate it to because they need to EAT!

  23. I would like to thank Michael for his education foundation program to help educators finance their projects.. It helped me with my students and I’m sure he helped many others. There are many successful African Americans in our society and it’s very nice when they invest in our community in return. I think the Michael(s) and Oprah(s) of our time will gladly support some of our effort that help lift us up and help empower us to help ourselves. I don’t agree with all of Mr. Phillips observations, but I appreciate the (positive) conversations it may generate. Importantly, those who know the story of Michael Jordan will learn a life lesson on the fact that hard work, perseverance and family ties are essential to being successful even if failure is a pit stop during your journey to success. This is especially true for those who want to be like Mike. RESPECTFULLY.

  24. It amazes me how MJ is getting all this abuse because he finally spoke up. People are complaining about the amount of Money he donated. It’s not enough. I have a Question????? Where is Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Tyler Perry, The CEO’s of BET, TVONE & CENTRIC TV to name a few, where’s the outrage against them for not speaking out or doing some, People are so Damn Condasending and want to pick an choose who they want to try an point the finger at, No matter what one person is not gonna Change the world or the outcome of these issues going on in America but of where gonna call out people lets do it across the board

  25. Mr. Jordan

    as one of the main reason America the great is know all over the world and an upstanding athleath and role model for our mixed black and white kids we do appreciate you, and if you were bussy entertaining the world and carving out a piece of history to the world , we honor it. We do realize that it is not always that a great man finds his voice .but when they do the world sits still and listen , i hope all your friends and past team mates with a platform will follow in your foot steps. Coodles i say and give them Air always.

    we apreciate you

  26. Really? You guys are mad at Michael Jordan for not speaking up sooner? The man SPOKE UP PERIOD!
    In the 50’s and 60’s they had boycotts, sit-ins, marches, and rallies.
    The black celebrities of that era joined in with the struggle/ cause. You want to criticize one man for being tardy, I guess the others who follow can expect the same criticism.
    Let’s welcome anyone who comes to support the cause. It doesn’t matter if they were here from day one, or showed up later, they’re here and in essence asking. “What can I do to help”?
    Some have a voice or influence, a medium to be heard.
    Instead of being critical, let’s show a united front. Let’s show them we are together on this. That’s the only way change can come.

  27. Maybe he is still mourning the Black Life of his father who was robbed, murdered, and left on the side of the road by young Black men. Why does he have say anything? Nobody mentioned the $2 million he gave to the Boys and Girls Club in Chicago in the mid-90s to help the underprivileged youth in that area! Also, I’m sure he had to give his sons, “the talk” too, because there were not a lot of people who looked like them in the community in which his sons were raised. Let it go!

  28. Just as you have the right to speak up voice your opinion on Michael Jordan. He also has the same right to choose not to voice his Opinion on social issues. I really don’t get why so many Blacks believe these Celebrities have a Responsibility to the Black. You never see other races getting at their celebrities for not giving back. This is nothing but divide and conquer at the highest level.

  29. He can man up and really make a difference by telling Nike to sell those high price Jordans for $50 during the beginning of the school year

  30. So many of you have made this letter about his investments and not his lack of action over the years. The focus is why now why haven’t he shown his face in the streets of chi town to mentor or provide funding that will take kids off the streets. People ready to defend him about his investment of the prison system well you can’t defend him on the fact his face has not been visiable, I don’t know what he does with his money so I won’t comment to a lack of financial provision given to chi town. He is able to sway so many with his visiable appearance of many ages as I can see many you are die hard fans ready to jump to his aid as we so many are asking him to do! Why now is the question?

  31. Did Michael Jordan kill Trayvon Martin? Did he kill Freddie Gray? What about Eric Garner? Then what does he need to apologize for? Did he steal something from you? You bought those Air Jordan’s, attended those basketball games, and bought those hot dogs and t-shirts because you wanted to. He entertained and you paid. It was a mutual transaction. People need to stop going around acting like Michael Jordan owes them something.

  32. I have to say I disagree with you. Jordan did a hell of a lot more than just talk. He donated $1 million to the Intstitue for Community-Police Relations, and another $1 million to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. He definitely put his money where his mouth is. You are the problem, not the police, and not Jordan. It’s people with your mentality that are in Dallas, and Baton Rouge shooting innocent police officers. I don’t think that any of those victims that were shot by police officers deserved to die either, but to look at this as a one sided issue is extremely ignorant. This shouldn’t be the police versus black people. This should be an issue of ALL people versus the murder of people who do not deserve it. The police as a whole are not racist, and black people as a whole are not killing police, but there are bad people in any profession, and in any race. Instead of focusing on the group these people belong to, focus on this one bad person, and know that they do not represent their race, or their occupation. Instead of posting videos on Facebook of bad police officers, post videos of good police officers so that they’re good work doesn’t go unnoticed and more of them will be encouraged to do good. The problem isn’t the police, the problem is a few bad police officers. For every Darren Wilson, there are multiple Montrell Jacksons.

  33. I am just reading your article. That being said I also read the commentary by many. I must concur with your social economic viewpoint regarding giving back to our community. It may not be a forced requirement but one of understanding and humility to assist those struggling to uplift a community,the person’s and or institutions, for betterment of the whole black race and in turn other races by our uplifting.
    I see some have sidetracked your meaning by attempting to find error, but no error is made with his lack of commitment to his lineage,his history,his roots. LeBron took 41 million to help those going to college. Mike could do so as well is the point. Most athletes give back as a tax deduction or really want to help underprivileged good people. Mike failed in this regard and while I applaud him for his basketball career more than most I must admit,he gets no pass on this issue….

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